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Michael Babiak

Photo by Michael Babiak

We bring deep tech industry knowledge and a proven methodology that combines creative thinking with real-world market feedback. The result? Strategic positioning that resonates with your market and gives you a competitive edge.

Our philosophy

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is the process of owning a hill.



is determining which hill to own.

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The Point That Matters

is the reason you own the hill.

Our metrics

Doubled business within a year

Doubled business within a year

Since ZOOMing, Catavolt quickly mobilized to grow 2x.

Photo by Hy Murveit
Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

Tidal grew over 30% in a market that was growing 6%

Tidal grew over 30% in a market that was growing 6%

Tidal acquired by Cisco for $105M after 3 years.

Photo by Michael Victor
Mejeve, France

Record sales, accelerated growth for 2 years

Record sales, accelerated growth for 2 years

Since ZOOMing, Centrify reported its second year of record sales, multiple quarters with 40% YOY growth, $42M in funding and 97% customer retention.

Photo by Sara Gray
Yosemite, California

34% increase in annual growth

34% increase in annual growth

oDesk’s year-over-year growth rate jumped after ZOOMing, reaching 105%.

Photo by Taylor Gray
Death Valley, California

200% customer growth within 1 year

200% customer growth within 1 year

Alteryx raised $60M to power their hill and doubled customer growth within a year of ZOOMing.

Photo by Michael Babiak
Mount Rundle, Canada

2x revenue in 1 year

2x revenue in 1 year

ZOOM client Birst reported 2x revenue, bookings and valuation in 1 year. They also saw a significant jump in lead generation a year after ZOOMing.

Photo by Rob Meinhardt, ZOOM client – Dell, KACE
Yosemite, California

Client testimonial


“They understand the start-up mentality, the agility that is needed, and they work with us. They just do a fantastic job.”
- Pavana Jain, Co-CEO & Co-Founder


“ They really nailed it when it came to the
Point That Matters.”
-George Mashini, CEO


"When ZOOM presented us with their final recommendations, I was blown away.”
-Ken Sims, CEO


"In about one year, Alteryx has gone from just over 200 customer accounts to rapidly approaching 700 customer accounts.
That's some substantial growth."
-Rick Schultz, SVP Marketing

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