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    "The truly inspired work was the definition of our category — expert crowdservice. The succinctness and the explanatory value I would categorize as a breakthrough."

    — Antony Brydon
    CEO, Directly

    "ZOOM really nailed it and convinced everybody that we needed to completely simplify how we talked about our products."

    — Nobby Akiha
    Senior VP of Marketing, Actuate
    "Being able to distill it down to
    one thing that people could relate
    to was really a breakthrough."
    — Eric Almgren
    CEO, WaveConnex
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  • Congrats to ZOOM client Centrify on their Best.Quarter.Ever.™ A textbook case for why a Point That Matters matters!

  • Actuate posts double digit growth
  • Congrats to ZOOM client Actuate on an amazing 2013

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      15th Annual Spring Smash! ZOOM is proud to sponsor the 15th Annual Stanford Spring Smash. We'll be cheering the Stanford womens' tennis team as they take on their rival Cal, Saturday, April 19th.  
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