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Our website features mountains photographed by ZOOMers, clients and friends.
The images bring to life our mantra that marketing is the process of owning a hill.


Michael Babiak

Favorite places to travel:  The south of France, Italy and Turkey
Tennis, piano, photography, painting, cooking
Favorite mountain:
Mount Rundle, Banff National Park, Canada
Camera used:
Lumix GX7 mirror-less camera
Favorite subject to shoot: Taking photos of people while traveling
Why photography? “
I think great photos capture how things feel, rather than how they look


Nick Cahill

Favorite places to travel: Black Rock City, Nevada
Snowboarding, split boarding, snowmobiling, rock climbing, hiking, traveling and creating memories with friends
Favorite mountain:
Mt Shasta. The best part about all that you may ask? A 7,000 foot snowboard ride down.
Camera used: Canon 5DMk3
Favorite subject to shoot: If I had to choose one, I would choose nature.
Why photography? A friend of mine consistently didn’t show up to taking photos of a race car I was building. I thought to myself, “If you want something done right, you might as well do it yourself.”
Profession: Professional photographer/videographer, and half hippy, half dirtbag 😉


Sara Gray

Favorite places to travel:  Italy
and Costa Rica
Vent creativity through photography and “mess up” photos by turning them into digital artwork
with Photoshop
Favorite mountain: 
Half Dome, because it’s an amazing piece of geological history right in front of us
Camera used:
Nikon D800
Favorite subject to shoot:
On photo adventures, photographing the photographers
Why photography?
“The adventure of it, getting outside, and how it is a shared passion for me and
my teenager
Profession: Production Designer
and Photographer

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Taylor Gray

Favorite places to travel: Yosemite and Death Valley National Parks
Hobbies: Playing the drums and skateboarding
Favorite mountain: Half Dome in Yosemite National Park because of it’s unique shape
Camera used: Nikon D7000
Favorite subject to shoot: Landscape photography – seascapes, landscapes, nightscapes, and cityscapes
Likes most about photography: The adventures and stories that come from each photo expedition
Profession: High school sophomore

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Hy Murveit

Hy Murveit

Hobbies: Photography, tennis,
cactus gardening
Favorite mountain: Sonora Pass, Sierra Nevada Mountains
Camera used: Nikon D800
Favorite subject to shoot: Travel photography, flowers
Profession: Software Engineer

Yuichi Saito

Yuichi Saito

Hobbies: Aircraft
Favorite mountain: Mt. Fuji, Japan
Camera used: Nikon DX Format Digital Camera, iPhone
Favorite subject to shoot: Aircraft, flowers and Mt. Fuji
Why photography? “It feels a bit like treasure hunting. The possibility of the next shot being the best of my life”
Profession: Aircraft leasing


Maile Smith

Hobbies: Paddling a women’s outrigger canoeing club out of San Francisco
Favorite mountain: Being from the Monterrey Peninsula, the Santa Lucia Range is where I feel most at home
Cameras used: A 1962 Rolleiflex that I inherited from my grandfather, a Nikon D700, and the camera on my phone
Favorite subject to shoot: Mundane objects and normal people that are caught in a temporary scene of surrealism or irony
Why photography? I fell in with a group of film photography aficionados in San Francisco that calls themselves “Blow Up”
Profession: Environmental Geologist


Michael Victor

Hobbies: Cycling across Europe, paragliding, kite boarding, skiing, snowboarding and piloting a tailwheel
Favorite mountain: Riding down the Stelvio pass in Bormio, Italy
Camera used: Canon 7D. On the bike, iPhone 6 or Sony rx100
Favorite subject to shoot: Street photography when traveling, to see how people live
Why photography? “Because I
can’t paint!”
Profession: Managing Director at Morgan Stanley