Market Positioning

We help clients gain leadership through market positioning, differentiation and The Point That Matters.℠

Our Philosophy


is the process of owning a hill.


is determining which hill to own.

The Point That Matters

is the reason you own the hill.


ZOOMings deliver the core elements of your story.

Your Hill

The market space you want to own.

It’s valued
There is market demand

It’s available
Not overcrowded or already owned

You can credibly lead
The market believes you can win

The Point That Matters

Your single most important differentiator.

It’s measurable
Backed up by compelling metrics

It’s unique
Based on your company’s unique DNA

It frames the debate
Provides a thought leadership platform


Proof you can deliver on your promise.

Competitive Analysis

Analysis of how your key competitors are positioned.

The Cost of Missing The Point

Is your team hitting the bullseye with your positioning? Find out by answering four simple questions.
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Moving hills to mountains

Seven companies that proved success on their hill and moved mountains.

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