How do you condense a skyskraper elevator story to one sentence?

ZOOMing success

“Now that we have the Point that Matters, it’s going to drive our marketing and communications. We’ll know exactly where to spend the dollars with full confidence that we’re talking with the target market for Acrobat and it’s something they care about, so we’ll be able to close more deals, more quickly.”

Judy Kirkpatrick, Director of Internet Marketing, Adobe Acrobat


increased revenue one year after ZOOMing, representing 39% of Adobe’s total revenue

Positioning at a glance


“There isn’t a building tall enough for Acrobat’s elevator story.”
John Warnock, Adobe Founder


Developed in 1998, Acrobat’s Point That Matters has stood the test of time


Anywhere exactly

The Point That Matters

Your work looks exactly the way you intend it to look, whether it's an email attachment, printed or on the web

Judy tennis

Judy Kirkpatrick took a chance on ZOOM after joining as the Marketing Director for Acrobat. Judy and Ellie are longtime friends and we’ll always be grateful to Judy for her support at ZOOM’s Stanford Smash event and in so many other ways!