How do you make analytics sexy?

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“I’d requested messaging that’s a little ‘edgy’ a little ‘sexy,’ only to find out they came out as the dirty little secrets. The value of the dirty little secrets was that they told our message in a way that really resonated with our audience.”

Wynn White, VP of Marketing

Positioning at a glance


“Every message has been tried in this market.”
Brad Peters, Birst CEO


Expose the dirty little secrets in the BI industry and show counters them with a "Birst of Truth. Here are a few:
Dirty Little Secret:
Data buried in silos fuels departmental politics.
Birst of Truth:
Connecting the silos brings the company together.
Dirty Little Secret:
What one department calls a “contact”; another calls a “lead”.
Birst of Truth:
A “lead” is “lead” in every department.


⅓ of the time, cost, staff and functionality of Oracle, SAP and MicroStrategy

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Wynn White Ellie Victor

Birst CMO Wynn White brought ZOOM into Birst after his formerly ZOOMed company, KACE, was acquired by Dell.
He has hired ZOOM 3 times and has made many referrals to ZOOM. Here is Wynn chatting with Ellie at ZOOM’s Thought Leadership client dinner