Data-driven positioning

The new way to win in your market


The advantages of data-driven positioning

The advantages of data-driven positioning build upon each other, so clients not only believe in the results, they take it to the bank.

Getting the “right” data

How do you get the “right” data to inform your positioning so you instill confidence in the results? Here are simple guidelines to get started.
Your team:
Start with leaders and stakeholders who know your business, strategy and vision. However, market data is key. We find that 95% of concepts from internal teams don’t end up as the final answer.
Your current audience:
Customers, partners and analysts who are your fans, “get” where you’re going, and that you respect. They’ll help focus your message on your best attributes.
Your future target:
Prospects who fit your buyer profile, but don’t know you. Testing whether your message sounds interesting and credible with this more skeptical crowd is key, as they represent your growth.
The case for data-driven
Many clients ask why testing is even needed. Here’s a couple of common questions:
1. Why ask customers, they don’t know what they need?
We agree! Customers and prospects may not know they want a smart phone or a self-driving car, that’s where your innovation plays the central role.  But, they certainly know what descriptions will catch their attention and convince them your product is superior.  We’re not suggesting you use customer and prospect feedback to innovate your product, but to nail the message.
2. We’re creative, why can’t we figure it out ourselves?
Sure, creativity is woven throughout the positioning process. We simply believe in adding a step of testing the creative ideas to find out what wording resonates and will stick. Creativity is step one, testing is the reality check to move beyond the “inside-out” view to an objective “outside-in” view that is true and current. As a bonus, listening to customers and prospects often yields unexpected insights beyond positioning.

What’s the right mix for your data-driven positioning? Get in touch to find out!

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