Are you speaking your customers' language?

ZOOMing success

“The results of the ZOOMing process blew my mind.”

Rob Meinhardt, CEO and Co-Founder


Revenue growth for 2 consecutive years since ZOOMing
Acquired by Dell two years later.

Positioning at a glance


KACE didn’t think they had a challenge, but thought it was time to freshen up their messaging. What they discovered by ZOOMing was their messaging had been “dead ass wrong.”


It’s a systems management appliance!

Let your customers advocate your story: Saves you time, saves your company money


Leading Systems Management Appliance…for the medium enterprise, and the IT person who wears many hats

The Point That Matters

The most functionality in a single, easy-to-use solution for managing any connected device


When Rob was a consultant at R.B. Webber, one of his clients was ZOOMed. When Rob started KACE, one of his board members, Pete Solvik recommended us. Since then, Rob has been one of our most loyal ZOOMers.

Here he is smiling for the camera with Ellie Victor at our 2016 client dinner.