How do you define a problem for a new market?

ZOOMing success

In 2016, Druva announces another year of triple figure growth after working with ZOOM the previous year.

Positioning at a glance


Redefine an established market space to stand out among competitors


Focus on convergence – major industry players talk about convergence as bringing together disparate technologies


Converged data protection

The Point That Matters

Druva brings data center class availability and governance to the mobile workforce


90% bandwidth and storage reduction
Reprovision devices in 5 minutes or less

Wynn White Ellie Victor

Birst CMO Wynn White brought ZOOM into Birst after his formerly ZOOMed company, KACE, was acquired by Dell.
He has hired ZOOM 3 times and has made many referrals to ZOOM. Here is Wynn chatting with Ellie at ZOOM’s Thought Leadership client dinner