Ellie’s recommended reading list for business and pleasure

Rescuing Ladybugs: Inspirational Encounters with Animals That Changed the World By Jennifer Skiff

Rescuing Ladybugs is filled with inspirational true stories about people around the world who went up against impossible odds to advocate for animals. While it’s easy to overlook or look away from animal suffering, these stories show that progress is on the side of more conscious and humane choices.

Unshelterd by Barbara Kingsolver (NY Times best selling author)

Unsheltered weaves the stories of two different families who live in the same home a century apart. Both families struggle during times of personal and political upheaval to figure out what really matters. Kingsolver brilliantly brings to life the story of Mary Treat, one of the few 19th century woman naturalists.

Ellie’s recommended reading list

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