How do you win the hearts and minds of your local community?

ZOOMing success

“What a pleasure it was to work with people who really knew what they were doing and could guide us to a good end.”

Dick Gould, Board member

Positioning at a glance


Get the word out about the impact and benefits of the original after-school tennis and tutoring program


EPATT is the benchmark program for after-school tennis & tutoring


The benchmark program for after-school tennis & tutoring

The Point That Matters

Game-changer for at-risk kids across academics, athletics, attitudes and parental involvement


Over 95% of EPATT kids graduate high school compared to 35% of kids from their community

Dick Gould

Dick GouldDick Gould is a Hall of Fame tennis coach and founding advisor to EPATT, for which Ellie serves on the executive board. Here Dick is speaking at ZOOM's Spring Smash Women’s Tennis Tournament at Stanford