How can a startup distrupt the ERP mountain?

ZOOMing success

“Product, sales, marketing, messaging—that’s all come into alignment now through the efforts of ZOOM.”

Chuck Berger, CEO

Acquired by Rootstock Software in January 2018

Positioning at a glance


Differentiate a breakthrough ERP solution to enable rapid growth


Now you can, with Kenandy. Old ERP makes you conform. Kenandy maps to your business.


Cloud ERP on Salesforce

The Point That Matters

Kenandy maps to your existing business processes and is ready for growth as you innovate products, services, operations and relationships


Now you can

“I can’t tell you how fabulous everything is after ZOOM. Now when I meet with customers I only take 5, maybe 10 minutes tops to explain the value prop of Kenandy and customers get it. That is so refreshing.”
Rod Butters, CTO

nick copping marie jackson

Rod Butters, Kenandy CTO, was one of ZOOM’s first clients when he was at Oracle. Our own Ellie Victor and Marie Jackson, Kenandy CMO, go way back to the early days of Apple. Marie is also a fellow dog lover.
Here Marie and Nick are enjoying the 2016 ZOOM client dinner featuring NCAA champion soccer coach Jeremy Gunn.

“ZOOM made ERP sexy.”
Marie Jackson, CMO