How do you create a new hill that consumers instantly get?

ZOOMing success

“Being able to distill it down to one thing that people could really relate to was really a breakthrough.”

Eric Almgren, CEO

Keyssa signed two major device deals with Acer and Lenovo since ZOOMing

Since ZOOMing, Keyssa won the Consumer Technology Association’s Mark of Excellence “Disruptor Award” for Kiss Connectivity

Positioning at a glance


With a new CEO and a high profile board, including Nest founder Tony Fadell, Keyssa needed to shed its heavily techie messaging to attract big customers


Kiss connectivity
Download a movie in seconds
Kiss connectors goodbye


Kiss connectivity

The Point That Matters

The freedom to create simple, reliable and beautiful devices

Eric Almgren Gunn Dinner

Keyssa CEO Eric Almgren (left) joins the fun at ZOOM’s client dinner with Stanford Men’s Soccer Coach Jeremy Gunn and Ellie.