The Science of Positioning:

Applying the Scientific Method to the ZOOMing Process

science of positioning

By Nick Copping
Co-CEO of ZOOM Marketing

Science is governed by immutable laws and strict boundaries, whereas marketing is viewed as more of an art form. At ZOOM, our practices are guided by our belief that marketing is more closely aligned to adamantine physics than squishy, creative, think-tank expression. However, our process can’t be devoid of creativity if we want breakthroughs and innovation to ensue.

At Caltech, I studied physics under Nobel Prize winner, Richard Feynman. Great drummer, superb physicist, master safecracker. The Scientific Method begins with a question and Dick Feynman was the master at asking the most important questions. That question is researched thoroughly until a hypothesis is born. The hypothesis is tested through experimentation until there is enough data to draw conclusions and prove or disprove the hypothesis. The results are then communicated. This method is used to test and prove the invisible laws that guide nature. When we created The ZOOMing process, we were inspired by the challenge to bring the same scientific method to the art of positioning.

ZOOMing also begins with a question. We ask each client two very simple questions to get the first viewpoint:

  • What is your hill?
  • What is your Point That Matters?

Dr. Feynman quote

So the next step is to make sure we’re not fooling ourselves by heading out to the market. We research the market and competition based on our client’s positioning. Our research involves uncovering more viewpoints: current customers, partners, analysts and then prospects. Here, we infuse creativity and outside the box thinking into the set of ideas to test.

Once this phase of research and testing is completed, the ZOOMing process involves intensive analysis of the data to determine an answer. Just like in the scientific method, scientists have confidence in the answer because of the process. The same goes for ZOOMing. 90% of our clients use our recommendations and they tell us it’s because they believe in the ZOOMing process.

Good answers change the world. In physics, the Higgs mechanism generated worldwide activity to find the Higgs boson, an elusive missing answer in the physics Standard Model. Similarly, the answers for our clients generate concerted activity across marketing, sales, and engineering teams to position their business for growth and success.

Although you may not be looking for the Higgs boson, you are looking for that elusive idea that will propel your business out of the noise and into the success-o-sphere. We think adding a little science to your positioning is smart. Adapting another Feynman-ism, “It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory (positioning) is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment (the market), it’s wrong.”

Want to put your positioning to the test?