How to convince your CEO that a positioning project is worth it?

ZOOMing success

“I would recommend ZOOM to any company of any size.”

David Selinger, CEO and Co-Founder


secured in growth capital in 2014


secured three months after their first ZOOMing


secured one year after their second ZOOMing

Positioning at a glance


David Selinger invented the recommendations engine at Amazon and founded RichRelevance to bring it to every other retailer


It’s about the customer journey


Omni-channel personalization

The Point That Matters

Relevance throughout the customer journey

ZOOM group

RichRelevance CMO Diane Kegley worked for ZOOM in 1998 as our first Marketing Director. We knew then that Diane was a rock star.
Diane, far right, joined this cast of characters at ZOOM’s client dinner focused on thought leadership.