How do you win users away from an embedded industry giant?

ZOOMing success

“ZOOM’s product alignment took us from 166 features to five killer concepts that everyone was really excited about.”

Dariusz Paczuski, VP of Marketing


received in Series A and Series B funding in 2013

Positioning at a glance


How to find a unique market position for navigation against goliath players like Google and Apple maps


Navigation that gets you – and gets you there


Personalized mobile navigation

The Point That Matters

Navigation that gets you – and gets you there

Nick Copping Dariusz Paczuski

Nick and Ellie met Dariusz Paczuski through Rob Meinhardt in 2010. Since then Dariusz has ZOOMed four times, first with Telenav, followed by Yahoo! and his own startup, Rocket Vodka.
Telenav VP & GM Dariusz Paczuski enjoys Nick’s wit at ZOOM’s client dinner featuring Stanford Men’s Soccer Coach Jeremy Gunn.