How do you speed growth in a slow-growth market?

ZOOMing success

“Within a two-year period, we grew from $35 million to $100 million. The vast majority of that growth was a result of how we repositioned the company.”

Flint Brenton, CEO

Tidal caught Cisco’s eye after its ZOOMing by growing over 30% in a market that was growing 6% and was acquired for $105 million

Positioning at a glance


How to reposition a company that was successful in automating enterprise IT logfiles to a new opportunity that capitalized on IT growth and automation


Radically simplify IT operations. Tidal can be installed, run, and maintained with junior-level skills.

Flint Brenton ZOOM dinner

Former AccelOps CEO Flint Brenton has hired ZOOM 3 times and has attended many client dinners. Here he is at a ZOOM client dinner featuring Stanford Soccer coach, Jeremy Gunn.