How do you align a fragmented enterprise around a single message?

ZOOMing success

“Without a doubt, I would absolutely, hands down recommend ZOOM.” 

Ellyn Raftery, CMO

Unisys was acquired by Molina Healthcare in May of 2010.

Positioning at a glance


Unisys was a provider of mainframe computers and SI services. They were at a crossroads facing three strategic questions: Should they morph to a security company; which core businesses should they support and exit and; should they emphasize deep technology or systems integration?


3D Visual Enterprise lets you see the interconnection between strategy, process, applications and infrastructure


Unisys CMO, Ellyn Raftery has hired ZOOM three times, twice at Unisys and once at FIS. Unisys CEO, Peter Blackmore also hired ZOOM again as CEO of UTStarcom