What's your strategy to expand beyond a dated hill?

ZOOMing success

“ZOOM not only helped us position our company, but define our business strategy as a whole.”
Deborah Rosen, EVP

WebMethods was acquired by Software AG

Positioning at a glance


The web had evolved and WebMethod’s Enterprise Application Integration positioning was languishing in favor of modern web methods. The company needed a complete positioning refresh to pull ahead of the competition.


Reposition from Enterprise Application Integration to Business Process Integration, which is about orders, shipping, and billing; not Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Application Management (BAM)


Business process integration

The Point That Matters

Fastest time to business improvement

Key messages

Business Process Integration Bill of Rights
You have the right to...

  • Differentiate your company with your business processes
  • Use IT as a competitive advantage
  • Get faster with each deployment
  • Real-time visibility across all business processes and data
  • Track metrics across silos, departments, and systems
  • Freedom of choice