The ZOOM process

Our data-driven methodology uncovers your market positioning in four steps with you

ZOOM Process hill


Prospect testing

Final concepts tested with your target in focus groups or surveys inform final recommendations


Midpoint analysis

Analyze findings from customers, drive breakthroughs and develop final concepts to test


Customer interviews

In-depth interviews with key customers, partners and analysts to test initial concepts and discover unknowns


Leadership brainstorm

Workshop to uncover the team’s ideas and identify the best positioning concepts for market testing


Market & technical deep dive

Interview client’s sales and tech gurus, get to know your vision, strategy, technology and competition


Everything you need to tell your story


The market category you will lead

Hill definition

Define the hill on your terms

The Point That MattersSM

Your single most important differentiator

Message pillars

Message pillars

Message pillars

Proof points that bring home your Point That Matters

Competitive analysis

Analysis of your competitors’ positioning

Rollout services

Make your rollout as epic as your positioning
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Sales presentation

Complete with talking points to tell your new story

Sales tools icon

Sales tools

Sales call script, email touches and talking points

campaign platform icon

Campaign platform

Concept, creative brief, manifesto and execution ideas

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Web home page

Concept and copy for the greatest impact

positioning guide icon

Positioning guide

Copy blocks, boilerplate, storyline, buyer personas, case study outline

The Point That Matters

Your most important differentiator
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Authentic to your company’s DNA

credible icon


Proof you can deliver on your promise

torch icon


Inspires customers, employees and community

At ZOOM, our process is more closely aligned to adamantine physics than squishy, creative, think-tank expression. However, it is not devoid of creativity – this is where breakthroughs and innovation shine through.

Just like in the scientific method, scientists have confidence in the answer because of the process. The same goes for ZOOMing. 90% of our clients adopt our recommendations, because they believe in the ZOOMing process.

The Cost of Missing The Point

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