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$3.95B valuation within
2 years

Snowflake grew its customer base by 300% and raised $368M since ZOOMing

Photo by Hy Murveit

Malwarebytes metric

100% YOY lead increase, jump in deal closes

Since ZOOMing, Malwarebytes saw a 100% YOY lead increase, including a jump in lead quality and deal closes.

Photo by Nick Cahill
Mount Shasta, California


300% revenue growth within 1 year

FloQast tripled revenue and raised $25M since ZOOMing

Photo by Hy Murveit
Peru, Chile


$45M raised within months

Within months of ZOOMing, Reltio raised $45M in Series D funding and picked up several industry awards along the way

Photo by Michael Babiak
Atacama Desert in Peru, Chile


Attracted $36.5M funding round within months

Within months of ZOOMing, Dynamic Signal raised $36.5M in growth funding

Photo by Maile Smith
New Zealand


$140M venture round within months

Databricks secured $140M Series D funding within months of ZOOMing

Photo by Hy Murveit
Peru, Chile



1 week ago
Happy ZOOMiversary, Lori! A rock star, both inside ZOOM and belting out tunes on stage. We're blessed to have Lori rockin' our team. Cheers to 8 years!

#zoomproud #weloveourzoomers
ConquerYourHill photo
1 month ago
And that's a wrap!
Behind the scenes with @SaaSyAthena, VP of Marketing at @leanplum, sharing her thoughts on the ZOOM experience (we even got to help shoot the intro for their holiday survey results release)!

#datadrivenpositioning #zoommarketing #leanplum
ConquerYourHill photo
1 month ago
We can't wait to see @SheerID climb even higher on their "identity marketing" hill, helping brands identify and acquire consumer tribes along the way. Congrats!
#zoomproud #datadrivenpositioning #datadorks #sheerid #identitymarketing #consumertribes
1 month ago
What do you get when you divide the circumference
of your jack-o’-lantern by its diameter?

Think you know the answer? Let us know in the comments!
#halloween #datadorks
ConquerYourHill photo
2 months ago
Happy ZOOMiversary to Claudia! She's essential to the ZOOM team, so much so, she's been promoted to Manager! She's a pro at the ZOOM process & helps keep client positioning fresh with her millennial perspective. We can't wait to see how far Claudia ZOOMs!